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Exploring How AI Can Help Address Contract Challenges During the LIBOR Transition

The transition from LIBOR to alternative reference rates presents numerous challenges, particularly when it comes to amending new and existing contracts. This paper discusses how an AI solution can support and enhance the renegotiation capabilities and operationalization of appropriate contract information in preparation for the discontinuation of LIBOR.


Last Chance to Take our LIBOR Transition Survey
It will take only two minutes! LIBOR is retiring at the end of 2021 and we want to know how far along market participants are in their readiness efforts.


Webinar Rewind: The LIBOR Transition Is a Risk Management Stress Event
In this on-demand webinar, ARRC Chair Tom Wipf and Gary Mandelblatt of NextGen Strategic Advisors explore the LIBOR transition as a major risk management stress event, and how firms can protect themselves from transition-related risks and financial losses.   
WATCH NOW>> Panel on Structured Notes: Transforming Risk into Opportunities
In this article, leads a discussion with industry representatives to explore what the current market environment means for traders, issuers, risk managers and investors operating in structured products. The panel shares their insights and perspectives on how this market is reacting to today’s trends and challenges.


More than Just a Black Swan Event? COVID-19 and the Structured Notes Market
Is COVID-19 more than just a Black Swan, and actually a catalyst of change driving the evolution of the structured notes market? In this webinar replay, Halo Investing and Numerix explore how lessons learned over the past several months have prepared investors and issuers to capitalize on market change.


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