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Numerix next generation technology solutions help Banks manage the complexities of the changing capital markets landscape, effectively manage risk and build a new competitive edge.

Live Webinar
MVA: Rationale and Practical Calculations as Margining Rules Tighten
White Paper
The Rise of xVA and How It Transformed an Entire Industry
Written Blog Aug 16, 2017
The Client’s Perception Is Our Reality – Numerix CEO Steve O'Hanlon on the...
White Paper
Finding Flow: The Case for Electronification in OTC Markets
Written Blog Sep 7, 2017
Optimizing for FRTB: The Case for a Cloud-Based Approach
Video Blog Jul 18, 2017
How Fintech Transforms Asset Management
On-Demand Webinar
PV and XVA Greeks for Callable Exotics: A New Approach to Algorithmic Differentiation
Analyst Report
XVA and RIsk Transformation: Establishing the Data Fundamentals
Solutions Feb 22, 2017
Banking Industry Solutions: Helping Banks Maintain a Competitive Advantage and...

Numerix Asset Management solutions help asset managers, hedge funds, and prime brokers successfully navigate the myriad of complexities involved with derivatives trading, portfolio and risk management.

Written Blog Apr 30, 2017
The Technology Wake-up Call for Hedge Funds & Asset Managers: Top 3 Priorities...
Conference Presentation
Portfolio Performance Attribution: Why, When and How
In The News Mar 9, 2017
HedgeWeek | Numerix Acquires TFG Financial Systems
In The News Mar 8, 2017
HFM | Cloud firm Numerix acquires TFG Financial Systems
Video Blog Jul 6, 2016
Brexit and FX Derivatives: Feeling the Weight of the Pound
Video Blog Apr 12, 2016
US Interest Rate Update, Commodities, FX Trends & Strategies
Numerix Solutions for Asset Managers
Research & Insights Feb 3, 2017
Hedge Funds | Numerix Research & Insights

Numerix Insurance solutions empower life and annuity businesses with market-leading analytics and fast, powerful insights needed to manage and hedge complex products as well as analyze risk.

News - Article PDF Dec 8, 2016
Buy-Side Awards 2016 | ALM Technology Provider of the Year
In The News Oct 31, 2016
Risk | Move to vol-controlled funds adds new complexities for VA
Info Graphic Dec 1, 2015
Info Graphic | FIAs Flying High: Are Insurers Managing Model Risks that Could Ground...
On-Demand Webinar
Real World Economic Scenario Generation: Typical Uses, Common Modeling Challenges...
White Paper
Understanding the Riskiness of A GLWB Rider For FIAs
Case Study May 20, 2015
CNP Assurances ESG Case Study
News - Article PDF May 1, 2015
Insurance Risk | As Seen from Another Angle
Numerix Oneview Leading Hedge: Actuarial Workbench for Product Design and Pricing

Numerix is a leader in Risk Technology. Learn how our experts are addressing key issues from FRTB, transformation and real time risk to system architecture, risk data management and RFQ automation.

Written Blog May 6, 2017
Technology’s Challenge to Capital Markets: Are You In or Are You Out?
Video Blog May 17, 2017
Bank Technology, FinTechs and the Impact on the Bottom Line
Written Blog May 8, 2017
Could SaaS be the Key to Unlocking FRTB Complexity?
White Paper
FRTB: The Technology Considerations and What You Need to Know
Written Blog Feb 23, 2017
FRTB: The Picture Is Now Recognizable—And Clearly, It’s Time to Consult with FinTech
Written Blog Jan 11, 2017
Transformation in Banking​​​: 5 Priorities for 2017 and 5 Opportunities for the...
On-Demand Webinar
FRTB: The Smoking Gun for Legacy Banking Technology
Product Feb 28, 2017
Numerix Oneview Enterprise Platform