Thinking Derivatively - December 2019 Issue


Dear Reader,

A new year is just about upon us, which means it is a time when we look forward to welcoming new opportunities, setting new goals, and, hopefully, gaining renewed enthusiasm to conquer the challenges we all face.

Recently, I have been reflecting on the many things for which I am most grateful. Primarily among those is our community of clients and partners. Thank you for believing in Numerix as a top provider of technology solutions to the capital markets and, particularly, for the trust you place in us. It is for you that we to continue to deliver award-winning products and services.
So, on behalf of Numerix, please allow me to extend my personal and genuine appreciation to each and every one you for your valuable association with us.

My best wishes to you and your families.

Steven R. O’Hanlon
Chief Executive Officer and President

Are You Prepared for the Clearing House Switch from OIS to SOFR Discounting?
In October 2020, the clearing houses LCH and CME will switch their discounting rates for USD OTC cleared swaps from OIS to SOFR. Do you understand the direct impact this shift will have on your firm? Are you prepared? This webinar features a demonstration on how to use Numerix analytics and Python to manage this historic change in benchmarks by LCH and CME.
                                               ACCESS THE WEBINAR>>

Getting Ready for the Next Phases of Initial Margin Requirements
Initial margin rules for non-cleared derivative transactions have been progressively phased in since September 1, 2016. If your firm is part of the final two phases (September 2020 and September 2021), there are a number of technology considerations you need to know about in order to achieve initial margin compliance.

Solving the Challenges of Structured Products
While capital markets firms show an increasing desire to trade structured products, there are challenges with these complex instruments. Learn how Numerix worked with a major Swiss bank this year by providing it with a flexible solution that produces real-time tradeable prices, automated sales and trading workflows, holistic risk management, and accelerates time-to-market for new products.
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