Government institutions play an important role in the financial markets and derivatives markets, either by helping ensure the marketplaces are fair and well-functioning for participants, or by participating directly as a buyer or seller.  Central banks, government treasuries, government agencies, and regulators all play a role, and each has a need for derivative analytics to support them in their analysis, trading and/or risk management activities.

Multilateral development banks, supporting the economic development efforts of many countries, also deal with derivatives as they provide project financing, loans, risk management products, and advisory services for member countries.  They too require derivative analytics to them pricing and manage the risk of the derivatives and structured notes/loans they deal with.

Numerix Government & Development Bank Solutions Help Institutions:

Price any derivative or structured product, from vanillas to exotics across all asset classes   Comply with government accounting standards for derivatives
Value large portfolios of derivatives and fixed income securities using market-standard practices (OIS discounting) and industry-proven derivative pricing models   Research and model the behavior of risk factors such as inflation rates and yield curves
Validate another institution’s pricing, risk management, and model validation practices for regulatory purposes   Provide derivative hedging products and risk advisory services to development bank clients
Issue and price structured notes or loans for the funding of development projects   Generate economic scenarios for stress testing

Numerix Oneview is a comprehensive, real-time front-to-risk system that empowers sales, traders and risk managers with a holistic, multi-dimensional view of their derivatives and structured products businesses.
Powered by the industry’s most...

Numerix Oneview for XVA puts the industry’s most sophisticated analytics at the core of your XVA desk. This analytic DNA empowers central desks to confidently manage counterparty exposures, integrate XVAs into deal prices, and execute even the most...

With a customizable infrastructure at its core, Oneview for Market Risk provides real-time, pre-and post-trade Market Risk analytics—at both the desk and enterprise level.
Oneview for Market Risk supports enterprise risk management with a...
Numerix CrossAsset offers the industry’s most comprehensive collection of models and methods, allowing institutions to price any conceivable instrument using the most advanced calculations, in addition to a wide range of calibration options for...
Numerix CrossAsset XL provides unprecedented flexibility for structuring, pricing and managing even the most complex derivatives and structured products—all in the Microsoft© Excel environment that traders and structurers are already accustomed to....
From trading desk to enterprise risk management—Numerix easily integrates into proprietary or third-party systems via the Numerix CrossAsset Integration Layer and SDK in Python, C#, C++, or Java. 
The CrossAsset SDK includes the CrossAsset...