NxCore Cloud in Action: Examples of Capital Market Apps & How They Were Built

Matteo Bedini, PhD , Senior Financial Engineer, Numerix
Why Attend?
See examples of capital markets apps built with NxCore Cloud and understand the thinking behind them, to inspire you to build your own.

Dr. Matteo Bedini, Senior Financial Engineer, Numerix

Global markets have experienced significant volatility in 2022, causing trading and risk teams to demand more information at faster speeds to support their decision making in these chaotic markets.

Unfortunately, this leaves the quants and developers supporting them scrambling to build analyses and apps as fast as they can to meet their requests.

Numerix built NxCore Cloud, a next generation capital markets development platform, specifically to help these quants and developers build, test, and deploy apps faster than ever before.

Join Dr. Matteo Bedini of Numerixas he shares some examples of apps built with NxCore Cloud and the thinking behind them, to provide inspiration for building your own apps.

In the webinar, Matteo covered:

  • Overview of NxCore Cloud and Numerix’s Python ecosystem
  • Sample app: Detecting arbitrage points on an equity volatility surface
  • Retrieving market data within NxCore Cloud
  • Scenario analysis using NxCore Cloud


Featured Speakers:

Matteo BediniPresenter: Matteo Bedini, PhD, Senior Financial Engineer, Numerix

Matteo Bedini works as a Senior Financial Engineer in Numerix’s Milan office, helping EMEA clients price and manage the risk of their multi-asset class derivative portfolios as well as coping with current regulations such as SIMM and FRTB. Prior to Numerix, Dr. Bedini worked as a Quantitative Developer for Intesa Sanpaolo in the Front Office and in Risk Management, where he implemented pricing models for structured products and developed new tools for independent price validation. Dr. Bedini holds two degrees in Mathematical Engineering (M.Sc. and B.Sc.) and Software Engineering (B.Sc.) from Politecnico di Milano and a Ph.D. in Mathematical Probability from the universities of Brest (FRA) and Jena (GER).

Stephanie_ChanModerator: Stephanie Chan, Director, Product Marketing, Numerix

Stephanie Chan is a part of the product and field marketing team at Numerix. Her work focuses on developing marketing materials that communicate product features, as well as creating the marketing tools and campaigns to increase awareness of Numerix's products. Prior to joining Numerix in 2019, Ms. Chan held various roles in the corporate communications team at Nomura in Hong Kong and London. 



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