Next Generation Capital Markets Development Platform

Rapidly build, test and deploy capital market apps with enterprise-grade data faster than ever before, with a collaborative, cloud-based integrated developer environment (IDE) leveraging the power of Numerix’s award-winning pricing and risk analytics and the strength of the Python ecosystem.

Platform at a Glance

NxCore Cloud allows financial institutions to centralize and scale their development effort by facilitating the collaboration between quant developers and end-users to significantly reduce time-to-market.


Key Features

Capital markets are becoming increasingly dynamic. Everyday, new challenges emerge – and so do opportunities. To remain competitive, financial services firms need to empower their teams with the right platform to build models, sandbox ideas and rapidly develop and deploy new applications so they can innovate quickly - without sacrificing security and governance.

Leveraging the power of the cloud and the strength of the Python ecosystem, NxCore Cloud enables organizations to dramatically reduce time-to-market and project risk and take advantage of new market opportunities—the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Rapid Innovation + Business Agility + Enterprise Control

Cloud-native platform leveraging the power of AWS and its vast ecosystem to maximize performance, elasticity and scalability for both developers and app users

Market Data Repository
Utilizes Numerix’s market data solution Numerix Data Management (NxDM) to make connecting with and managing data a breeze 
Leverage the strengths of Python libraries, frameworks and tools and benefit from its vibrant community

Powerful Calculation Engine
Build applications powered by our streaming real-time graph framework and cloud compute engine / grid scheduler

Integrated Developer Environment

Browser-based IDE to edit, run and test code for apps from anywhere

Automated testing 
Automated testing frameworks for easy back-testing and model validation
Flexible Analytics 
Utilizes Numerix’s market-standard CrossAsset pricing and risk analytics, your firm’s proprietary analytics or even analytics from another vendor.

Rapid deployment thanks to containerization – publish to production while continuing to iterate on development. We will also manage the analytics containers to ensure version control, rapid deployment and upgrades are managed properly.

Benefits & Features

Designed for Developers to End Users  

Tech Experts

Spend more time building instead of setting up environments  

  • Leverage the strength of the Python ecosystem and work with the tools and libraries you already know and love
  • Quickly develop and deploy enterprise-grade apps without the usual hurdles and problems associated with larger enterprise systems
  • Offload the running of the cloud and the management of containers to our domain experts, so you can focus on creating strategic value for the business instead

End Users (Risk Managers, Traders, Quants) 

Take advantage of new opportunities instead of waiting around for a solution 

  • Bring targeted solutions to your specific problems to life in days, not weeks
  • Overcome some of the operational constraints of Excel and build robust apps
  • Full flexibility to use Numerix’s street-tested analytics or your firm’s own proprietary analytics


Leverage the power of NxCore Cloud for transformative impact

  • Respond quickly to rapidly changing market conditions and capitalize on new opportunities
  • Maintain corporate governance and enterprise security with permissioning for specific users
  • Maximize performance and scale usage up and down as your business requirements change over time
  • Benefit from ongoing advances in the software and business best practices to keep pace with market and regulatory changes


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