Real-Time Trading
and Risk Management, Built
on the Industry's Best Analytics

Numerix Oneview is a comprehensive, real-time front-to-risk system that empowers sales, traders and risk managers with a holistic, multi-dimensional view of their derivatives and structured products businesses.

Powered by the industry’s most sophisticated cross-asset analytics and optimized for performance, Oneview’s wide range of modules enable powerful decision insights and uncompromising accuracy.


A Holistic Front-to-Risk 
View of Your Business

Oneview provides a broad perspective across your entire derivatives business, helping you make the right decision when it matters most.  It delivers real-time decision support and end-of-day reporting with speed, accuracy, and ease of use, so you can focus on running and optimizing the business instead of scrambling to produce and aggregate the numbers.

Oneview for XVA
Oneview for Trading
Oneview for Margin
Oneview for Valuation 
Oneview for Market Risk 
Oneview for Capital


With Oneview, your firm can confidently trade even the most complex derivatives and structured products with the precision, transparency and flexibility needed to compete in today’s markets.

Benefits & Features

Oneview for XVA
Confidently manage counterparty exposures, integrate XVAs intodeal prices and execute the most complex deals at the right price.

  • Decisive pre-deal analysis,showing the impact of new trades on XVAs, counterparty exposures, and regulatory capital
  • Most comprehensive XVA measures, counterparty risk measures, and XVA Greeks in the market
  • Dynamic real-time reporting and analysis with the capability to drill down and slice-and-dice custom XVA reports

Oneview for Trading
Aggressively grow and confidently manage your structured note business with complete real-time infrastructure designed for issuers.

  • Develop innovative new products with fast, flexible product structuring
  • Powerful calculation engine produces real-time tradeable quotes plus risk measures
  • Automated role-based workflows to maximize speed and scale
  • Intuitive views of risk, the way traders want to see it
  • Manage the full lifecycle of structured notes

Oneview for Margin
Make better use of collateral, reduce margin costs, drive more profit and reduce risk in the non-cleared derivatives book.

  • Officially licensed by ISDA to provide SIMM™ calculations
  • Both pre-deal and post-trade SIMM™ analytics
  • Produce CRIF files for counterparty reconciliations and regulator engagement
  • Streamlined and simplified Initial Margin (IM) workflows
  • Advanced SIMM™ analytics such as SIMM™ Explain, to identify key drivers influencing IM values

Oneview for Valuation
Produce market-consistent valuations and Greeks for large portfolios of trades, including complex exotics and structured products.

  • Broad pricing model library, complete asset class coverage, and flexible payoff scripting framework, to value any instrument in the market
  • High performance and scalability for real-time valuations of large and complex portfolios
  • Robust enterprise system for control and consistency of valuations across the entire organization

Oneview for Market Risk
Real-time market risk analytics at both the desk and enterprise level, to support more informed and timely risk decisions.

  • Greeks/risk sensitivities for all trades and portfolios
  • VaR and Expected Shortfall calculations
  • Flexible scenario analysis framework, for highly configurable scenarios
  • Customizable views of risk, enabling drill downs, slicing and dicing, and aggregation of risk on any dimension desired
  • Comprehensive risk reporting capabilities

Oneview for Capital
Optimize capital use in the derivatives business with pre-and post-trade regulatory capital analytics.

  • SA-CCR and SA-CVA analytics available in real-time for predeal checks plus post-trade for regulatory reporting
  • Visualize capital measures at different levels of book and counterparty hierarchies, and dynamically drill down into individual books, trades and scenarios that contribute to the measures
  • “What-if” scenarios to see the impact of a new trade on capital

Oneview for the LIBOR Transition
Numerix and NextGen Strategic Advisors have partnered to offer a proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) offering designed to accelerate your LIBOR transition capabilities.

  • Digitalization, review, and revision of existing LIBOR contract language into updated ARR replacement language
  • Extraction of critical contract terms to update operations, finance, trading and risk systems
  • Measurement and management of financial risk exposures, to minimize the P&L and risk impacts of the LIBOR transition
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