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In November 2020, Dr. Andrew McClelland, Senior Vice President of Quantitative Research, Numerix presented his latest research via this digital event.

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  • Seasonality in volatilities & correlations for energy curves; oil, gas, power, etc.
  • XVA (valuation adjustments), i.e. CVA, & the importance of correlation
  • The Andersen ('10) model, like Cheyette ('92) with seasonality in response functions
  • Practical calibration via method-of-moments on empirical covariance matrices
  • Maximum likelihood via filtering, extending to stochastic vol & jumps


Featured Speakers:

Dr. Andrew McClelland, Senior Vice President of Quantitative Research

Andrew McClelland’s quantitative research at Numerix focuses on XVA pricing and hedging, generating counterparty credit risk metrics for structured products, and estimating risk model parameters via time-series estimation. He earned his PhD in finance at the Queensland University of Technology for a thesis on financial econometrics. He considered markets exhibiting crash feedback, option pricing for such markets, and parameter estimation for such markets using particle filtering methods. Dr. McClelland’s work has been published in the Journal of Banking and Finance, the Journal of Econometrics, and the Journal of Business and Economic Statistics.


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