The Benefits of Python with Numerix CrossAsset: Migrating Excel Use Cases to Python

For many years, VBA (Visual Basic Application) and Excel used to be synonymous with financial analytics. However, as markets become more sophisticated and the demand to quickly build and deploy custom functionality become more rigorous, market participants are increasingly looking for alternatives to address some of the gaps Excel is presenting.

Python has become increasingly popular in the world of financial analytics and among capital market participants. Unlike Excel, it provides a more controlled environment and components can be reused-saving time while increasing accuracy. In this webinar, Brian Boucher, VP Product Management at Numerix, details the advantages of using Python over Excel and explains how Python can help give you an edge in today's markets.

In this video, Brian Boucher, VP Product Management:

  • Provides use cases for migrating from Excel to Python
  • Compares the use of Python with Excel for financial modeling purposes
  • Outlines the key advantages of Python over Excel
  • Demonstrates how to access Numerix Analytics using Python

Featured Speaker:

Brian Boucher, Vice President, Product Management, Numerix

Brian Boucher is an FSA with 8 years of experience in the insurance, financial risk and computing industries who joined Numerix in 2018 after many years as a Numerix client. His background includes high-performance computing with GPUs and FPGAs, and he is currently leading Numerix’s efforts to center Python as the language of choice for all its products.




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