Feb 10, 2016

Numerix Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation in Pricing and Risk

As Numerix embarks on our 20th year in business, there is a huge legacy to look back on and an exciting future before us. When our founders first launched this firm, their goal was to put great minds together and found a company on true quantitative expertise and collaboration underpinned by innovative technology. They knew the combined skill and vision of great thinkers could challenge the way business was done in OTC derivatives. Their commitment to this approach has become a culture deeply embedded in everything that Numerix does and stands for.

It all started with speed, with Numerix innovation quickly changing the way Monte Carlo simulations, tree and difference finite methods and value-at-risk calculations were executed. This initial vision lead Numerix to its position atop the field of Derivatives Pricing Solutions with wide industry recognition from clients and industry awards. During the financial crisis and early months of its fall out, Numerix distinguished itself with unique expertise for tackling some of the most complex and exotic pricing challenges it presented.

Following the financial crisis, the firm, under the leadership of Steven O'Hanlon began to carve out a new path toward derivatives risk management to meet the quickly evolving needs of the industry. Since that evolution, Numerix has been a leading voice in CVA calculation, answering the call of regulatory requirements, and the growing list of XVAs. During that time, Numerix also helped insurers, whose life and annuity products saw many of the same challenges found across OTC derivatives, evolve out of outsourced and black box solutions to gain new visibility and control of the pricing and risk aspects of their businesses.

And now with the introduction of OneView, Numerix is quickly evolving further to combine real-time risk in the front-office with a holistic enterprise wide approach where the Chief Risk Officer is able to leverage the greatest levels of combined risk insight in the front and middle office to determine where risk will be on a moment-to-moment basis in the future.

Learn more about the Numerix journey over the last 20 years by exploring our Numerix Timeline and help us celebrate 20 years of innovation: