Capital markets firms are at a pivotal moment. Regulatory burdens are mounting, trading operations are being challenged, and legacy technology systems cannot meet expanding data, analytics and compliance demands. Numerix offers the next generation technology solutions needed to help banks manage the complexities of the changing capital markets landscape, effectively manage risk and build a new competitive edge.

We know the challenges banks face. We have the experience, expertise and innovation to rapidly step in with flexible, high performance analytics, pricing, trading and risk management tools with cost efficiency and minimal interruption. With Numerix technology in place, your system will be enabled by a real-time, distribution, fault-tolerant, event-driven calculation framework that uses a dynamic dependency graph to maximize efficiency and throughput—thereby giving you the opportunity to outperform.

From building a turn-key, centralized heterogeneous architecture platform to seamlessly integrating applications with other systems to simply plugging gaps in existing infrastructure, we deal with the technology and regulatory demands so banks can focus on profitability and client satisfaction.

Numerix Banking Solutions Help Banks:

Leverage a scalable, distributed and fault tolerant dynamic directed graph architecture built for real-time systems


Manage model risk and validate pricing models, as well as perform model comparisons

View real time recalculation of risk, including VaR, stress and sensitivities across OTC derivatives and cash


Manage counterparty credit risk and calculate exposure measures (PFE, EPE, ENE etc.), pricing adjustments (CVA/DVA) and CVA sensitivities for hedging

Perform pre-trade pricing with XVA-integrated prices, for any derivative type (from vanillas to exotics) across all asset classes


Develop and test derivative trading strategies and hedging programs

Value and calculate P&L for derivative portfolios of any size, from hundreds to millions of trades


Structure, distribute and manage the risk of structured products and exotics

Produce risk sensitivities/Greeks, scenario analysis, VaR and Expected Shortfall for market risk management


Integrate industry standard analytics into a bank’s proprietary systems or use them to extend third party systems; analytics can also be fed into a wide range of solutions for trading, structured product distribution or risk management functionality

Perform stress tests, shocks and scenario analysis for regulatory purposes as well as risk management purposes


Optimize margin and collateral usage and accurately price CSA optionality

View risk at the enterprise, portfolio or trade level, by desk, type, sector, region, currency or other custom groupings


Perform “what-if” trade analysis, available pre- and post-trade, at the enterprise or desk level

Numerix Oneview is a comprehensive, real-time front-to-risk system that empowers sales, traders and risk managers with a holistic, multi-dimensional view of their derivatives and structured products businesses.
Powered by the industry’s most...

Numerix Oneview for XVA puts the industry’s most sophisticated analytics at the core of your XVA desk. This analytic DNA empowers central desks to confidently manage counterparty exposures, integrate XVAs into deal prices, and execute even the most...

Numerix Oneview for Trading empowers institutions to aggressively grow and confidently manage their structured note business. Our real-time front-to-risk solution enables issuers and distributors to capture market opportunity by delivering...

With a customizable infrastructure at its core, Oneview for Market Risk provides real-time, pre-and post-trade Market Risk analytics—at both the desk and enterprise level.
Oneview for Market Risk supports enterprise risk management with a...
Numerix CrossAsset offers the industry’s most comprehensive collection of models and methods, allowing institutions to price any conceivable instrument using the most advanced calculations, in addition to a wide range of calibration options for...
Numerix CrossAsset XL provides unprecedented flexibility for structuring, pricing and managing even the most complex derivatives and structured products—all in the Microsoft© Excel environment that traders and structurers are already accustomed to....
From trading desk to enterprise risk management—Numerix easily integrates into proprietary or third-party systems via the Numerix CrossAsset Integration Layer and SDK in Python, C#, C++, or Java. 
The CrossAsset SDK includes the CrossAsset...