Numerix and CDO Software partnership secures first mutual client

New York – September 27, 2010 – Numerix (, the leading provider of cross-asset analytics for derivatives valuations and risk management, along with CDO Software (, a leading provider of CDO and CLO portfolio management tools, today announced the signing of Stamford, CT, based Aladdin Capital Holdings (Aladdin). Aladdin represents the first client mutually secured through Numerix and CDO Software’s partnership to offer integrated “Numerix Powered” pricing and risk solutions within the CDO Tools™ application suite.

Users of the CDO Tools™ suite will be able to access the extensive Numerix CrossAsset library of independent pricing models and methods within a single controlled environment to price and generate risk sensitivities across the firm’s synthetic CDO instruments and portfolios. The flexibility of the Numerix CrossAsset library allows users to calculate risk analytics by specifying the copula type, correlation model and base correlations from reference deals.

“Having recently announced our partnership with CDO Software, we are very excited to have Aladdin onboard as our first mutual client,” said Steven R. O’Hanlon, President and COO of Numerix. “The successful integration of Numerix analytics within the CDO Tools™ application suite offers Aladdin a powerful and robust CDO pricing and risk solution. We look forward to the continued success of our partnership with CDO Software.”

“The market for risk analytics – including credit correlation products - is very competitive. We believe that in this market, Numerix offers the best quality and flexibility in providing support to the complicated bespoke deals in which Aladdin specializes,” said Dmitry Udler, Director of Quantitative Risk Management and Research at Aladdin Capital Holdings LLC. “Wrapped around the Numerix pricing engine is CDO Director, which provides us with deal booking and tracking, seamless import of market data and convenient scenario generation.”

"We have always been committed to working closely with our partners to build solutions that benefit firms in the market. By implementing a Numerix and CDO Software solution, Aladdin is now equipped with the technical infrastructure needed to make better informed investment decisions,” said Sunay Shah, CEO and co-founder of CDO Software.

The wider partnership between Numerix and CDO Software includes Numerix powered pricing and risk solutions for synthetic CDO’s, synthetic CLO’s, CDS, LCDS, bonds and loans. 

About Numerix

Numerix is the award winning, leading independent analytics institution providing cross-asset solutions for structuring, pre-trade price discovery, trade capture, valuation and portfolio management of derivatives and structured products. Since its inception in 1996, over 700 clients and 50 partners across more than 25 countries have come to rely on Numerix analytics for speed and accuracy in valuing and managing the most sophisticated financial instruments.  With offices in New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai, Numerix brings together unparalleled expertise across all asset classes and engineering disciplines.  For more information, please visit

About CDO Software

CDO Software creates portfolio and risk management tools for asset managers, investors, risk managers and trustees in the CDO and CLO market. The firm’s award-winning platform integrates analytical models and market data feeds, automates rating agency models and generates investor reports in one fully audited environment. The CDO Tools™ application suite comprises of CDO Director™, CDO Grid™, CDO Investor™, CDO Reporter™, CDO Scheduler™ and CDO Tracker™. CDO Software’s management team has a wealth of experience in financial markets and specializes in credit derivatives, with a proven track record of delivering systems to major financial institutions. Please for more information.

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