Advanced Derivatives Training

In today’s fast-evolving market, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the game. Numerix University equips you with the skills and toolset to handle even the most complex valuation and risk-management challenges.

Through our premier educational courses and bespoke private training, experienced professionals and students can learn financial engineering and integration techniques for a wide range of instruments using Numerix's market-standard analytics solutions.

Numerix Solutions Training Programs

Existing and New Clients
Interns and Consultants

Existing and New Clients Program

Program Details

Basic Training Video

  • Helps get you started with the Numerix solutions within minutes of installation
  • Step by step introduction to Numerix functionalities

Financial Engineering Track (CA XL, LH, LA)

FE track is focused for quants and traders- Participants will learn effective structuring, pricing and risk management techniques for complex derivatives through hands-on use of the Numerix analytic platform.

Download Sample Agenda – Brief overview of what is included in the Training

Integration and Development Track (SDKs, IAPI- Portfolio, CrossAsset Integration Layer)

I&D track is focused on quant Devs and Implementation specialists (SQL) A series of courses targeting developers and integration specialists.

Download Sample Agenda – Brief overview of what is included in the Training

Customized Training Modules - All Numerix Solutions

Highly customized training to cover the client’s needs – focus on specific asset class, specific deals, implementing client provided term sheets of deals.

Download Sample Agenda – Brief overview of what is included in the Training


Intern/Consultant Program

Program Details

Eligibility & Selection Process

Candidates for Numerix University courses are expected to hold an advanced degree in financial engineering, applied mathematics or an equivalent discipline, and have some professional experience working with derivatives at a financial institution or software company.

Numerix Certification and Intern/Consultant Program

Attendees who successfully complete the program can elect to complete a post training project and take an online examination. Attendees who successful complete both will receive Numerix Certification for the asset class(es) in which they have been trained. This is an official designation signifying a demonstrated proficiency in the use of Numerix CrossAsset XL. Top performers from the program (not current clients) will be considered for internship and consultant positions at Numerix.

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