Steven O'Hanlon

Vice Chairman

Steven O’Hanlon is a dedicated visionary, who inspires bold change and flawless execution. Since first joining the company in 2002, and under his leadership as President & COO starting in 2004, Mr. O’Hanlon has driven the transformation of Numerix from a broadly focused company with many disparate products and five locations to a global analytics software company operating from a single platform with a presence in 26 countries.

In his early years with the company Mr. O’Hanlon aggressively pursued the derivatives pricing business and by 2008 established Numerix as a global leader of financial analytics software. Witnessing firsthand the impact of the financial crisis, under Mr. O’Hanlon’s leadership, Numerix made a key decision to re-evaluate its core analytics solution and creatively determine how it could be maximized to pivot the organization into the rapidly changing market of derivatives risk management. Through his ability to focus, adapt and execute, Mr. O’Hanlon was named CEO of Numerix in January 2013. He was subsequently named Vice Chairman in 2023.

Through Numerix’s continued investment in innovative technologies, unrivaled analytic capabilities, and a customer-centric solution selling approach, the company has been firmly planted as the most prolific and dominant leader in both risk and pricing.

Prior to joining Numerix, Mr. O’Hanlon actively negotiated the sale of several companies for nearly $500M. Mr. O’Hanlon participated in the Network Express IPO road show in which $30M was raised. It was his product and distribution strategy that led to the sale of this company to Cabletron for $110M. Prior to Network Express, Mr. O’Hanlon was a member of Banyan Systems Inc. executive team, which drove eight years of unparalleled growth from $3M to $150M, culminating in a successful IPO. Before that time, Mr. O’Hanlon also held sales executive positions at Avant–Garde Computing and Nixdorf Computers.

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