Gregory Whitten, PhD


Dr. Gregory Whitten, Chairman of Numerix LLC, joined the board in 1998 as a major investor. In 2001, he became Chairman of the Board. In 2003, he became the Chief Executive Officer; and in 2013, he promoted Steve O’Hanlon to succeed him as the new Chief Executive Officer for the company.
Prior to joining Numerix, Dr. Whitten spent 19 years at Microsoft during which time he developed Microsoft’s common cross-language compiler and runtime technology, the enterprise-wide software and architecture strategies for the Office, Back Office and Windows product lines. Dr. Whitten’s experiences as the chief architect of Office applications and chief architect of languages at Microsoft have been instrumental to Numerix as it continues to lead the market in cross-asset analytics.
Dr. Whitten earned an AM and a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University and has a BA in Mathematics from the University of Virginia.