TimeScape from Xenomorph provides financial-market players with a unified data- and analytics-management solution that enhances control and transparency over financial information. With this high-performance platform, users can achieve even greater levels of financial innovation, business process efficiency and regulatory compliance.

TimeScape enables users to capture, cleanse, store, integrate and analyze a wide range of data, including reference, historical, real-time and derived data. Its future-proof data model supports every asset class, with the flexibility to handle any financial instrument — from plain vanillas to the most complex derivatives.

Xenomorph and Numerix

By integrating Numerix technology into TimeScape, Xenomorph provides their users with a way to handle increasingly complex trades involving exotic derivatives and structured products. The TimeScape-Numerix integration combines high-performance data management with advanced pricing models to support a wide range of analytic capabilities, including:

  • Fast analysis of trading strategies
  • Simpler means to back-test ideas
  • Creation of custom baskets and analysis of correlation matrices
  • Model validation
  • Tick data analysis through detailed analysis of historic volatility surfaces
  • Coverage for all major asset classes
  • Integrated market data from major vendors, such as Bloomberg, Reuters and Markit

Key Features

Data management:
  • Security Master
  • Data integration and capture
  • Tick- and time-series database
  • Data distribution
  • Prices, rates and curves management
Analytics management:
  • Analytics and model centralization
  • Derivatives and product valuation management
  • Data analysis and decision support
Market Data or Valuation Service Providers

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