Benjamin Meyvin

Global Head of Product Development and Senior Vice President, Product Development Group

Mr. Meyvin, as the Global Head of Product Development, is responsible for the delivery of the CrossAsset Analytics platform and a suite of pricing and risk management applications for Numerix clients and partners. Mr. Meyvin joined Numerix in 2000 as a System Architect. He later served as the Head of System Integration team and the Global Head of Professional Services managing the company’s global implementation and consulting functions.
Prior to joining Numerix, Mr. Meyvin was a Senior System Architect at Xerox Corporation, where he designed and developed real-time control systems. He later led a multi-disciplinary team designing, implementing and deploying ValueQuiX™ — a $40M distributed, mission-critical product configuration, pricing and order-submission system for the global Xerox sales force.
Mr. Meyvin has Masters Degree in Computer Science from Rochester Institute of Technology and BSc in Civil Engineering from the State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering in St. Petersburg, Russia.